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sheetal dogra (3 hours ago)
why you sacrificed your s8 ???
Глупый российский иван и лайфхаки твои глуповатые. И совсем это не лайфхаки, а абсурд хворого российского ивана во ремя белоснежной горячки. Чем, фактически, и славится убогая рашка. Кг/ам. Аффтар, убей себя!
Stephanie Boom (23 hours ago)
Ruby Aycardo (1 day ago)
Muhammad Talaat (1 day ago)
Not useful at all
Anthony Peñate (2 days ago)
BobiProBG (2 days ago)
What is the name of this tank game
hindijokesjunction (2 days ago)
amal eseranza (2 days ago)
La parte de la que el movil se estropea por el agua es un timo si el movil funciona al final es por que es un s8
INDIAN HACKER (2 days ago)
Fortmighty803 GTV (2 days ago)
You literally just copied 5mnute crafts
Pink The Cat (2 days ago)
I dropped my phone in water the other day I have a crappy ZTE so it's not water proof but for some reason it's fine... It was sitting in water all night and nothing happened.
Gemesis Pwx (2 days ago)
Hay tomtito l estas robando la ideas. A ideas de 5 minutos
kmzy † (2 days ago)
isnt that s8 waterproof?
Kim Jonghyun (3 days ago)
Coach.Luciana Sales (3 days ago)
Leonard890 Lee (3 days ago)
These hacks messed up my phone. This was useless!
Kamikaze Rabbit (3 days ago)
5:31 or u could just use your finger? LIFEHACK
JustDance 1205 (4 days ago)
That's my scissor
Ricardo Aragon (4 days ago)
The s8 is for 💦 water🧐
การนำข้าวสารมาดูดความชื้นโทรศัพท์ที่เปียกน้ำ เป็นสิ่งที่ไม่ควรทำ_เพราะมันดูดได้แค่ข้างนอก_แต่ข้างในยังเต็มไปด้วยน้ำ_ควรใช้ท่ีเป่าผมเป่ามากกว่าค่ะ
Lahiru Viraj (5 days ago)
H i (5 days ago)
Why Just why ??????????????
kdevil 123 (5 days ago)
Lets all stick paper clips up our phones and up our ass
Gousiya Taskeen (5 days ago)
Bewakoof...time waste Kiya...next time se mt krna idiot
Hawabibi Jacob (5 days ago)
like anyone is going to hang their phone with a flimsy piece of paper
kalsnxnxb mdmxbcbc (6 days ago)
في شوية تنفس عشان ما تحمل بطريا صح
Smidday (6 days ago)
6:33 thought he stabbed his finger
Samoy Goddishaw (6 days ago)
This phone is a waterproof
Raz Music Center (7 days ago)
excellent Sub Dn
Nacho -_- (7 days ago)
Das asco! You sucks! Yusba ascueks!
Justus Hahn (7 days ago)
The s8 is waterproof
JOKUBAS LTU (8 days ago)
JOKUBAS LTU (8 days ago)
ravi yadav (8 days ago)
Wow wow wow
_ERALEND _ (9 days ago)
Ты Знаеш кто Самый Добрый и положительный Посмотри на 1-ое слово
Ef M (9 days ago)
That phone is waterproof
Mayank Sharma (9 days ago)
Awesome 👍
Naveen Safaya (9 days ago)
Spinner hack is good
Ku BoL (9 days ago)
Samsung galaxy s8 have waterproof
Princessej Palanan (9 days ago)
Parth Shah (10 days ago)
Very much tatti type
Dhedhe Jaya (10 days ago)
Ankan Sonu (10 days ago)
Copy carter
Faulina Billa (11 days ago)
This is not unfaedah
B Lando (11 days ago)
Phone is waterproof
Paarth Hems (12 days ago)
benjax ni (12 days ago)
Saco wea
Wasim Khan (12 days ago)
0:35 thanks bro .now I can click a perfect photo...
Bless Ben (12 days ago)
Waste of time
عمر رجب (12 days ago)
LukaTheSlav (13 days ago)
What's this supposed to hack exactly? I don't see how this benefits anyone or simplifies anything.....
Whatsapp Status (13 days ago)
Camera show Your
スライム人 (13 days ago)
Tolpar News (13 days ago)
Nice Video. Check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of8tY1lBX4I
John Trantsidis (13 days ago)
How to waste 10 minutes of your life
SuChuu (14 days ago)
ton pere le barbecue
Drakosa (14 days ago)
man dont you love shoving a paper clip up your samsung?
Cool cool
blink channel (15 days ago)
The unlike botton works:>
Zenmodo (15 days ago)
These are horrible.
Kayan Vlogs (15 days ago)
4:25 why would you need that plus that’s a waste of a fidget spinner
Nik Games (16 days ago)
Lmao Communist
FUSSBALL__ 33 (16 days ago)
샤키코리아 (17 days ago)
I just wasted 10 mins of my life that I will never get back also...
............number 3 life hack is BULLSHIT.not trying to be rude or anything but that's a paper, and paper rips easily.so if you make that and your socket thing is high,and......your phone would fall down cuz..... Phones are heavier then paper.
Slime Diy (18 days ago)
5.37 тоже самое лицезрела на канале трум трум
Simple Life Hacks (18 days ago)
Simple and Epic! Great Job!
alexy aubry (18 days ago)
Y'a un français ici?
Technical Trending (19 days ago)
At 4:20 I Like That Life Hack!!
Bigra Shehzada (19 days ago)
Time my waste
Bailey Doodles (19 days ago)
Omg i cant even... 2:22
Namdev Ghadage (20 days ago)
Nice video
Kennth Veloso (20 days ago)
Sem Shikonekeni (20 days ago)
That sucks!!!
me encanta 🙈
me encanta
me encanta
it is amazing
Moon Luna (21 days ago)
tolol last video 😑
MsEngB J (21 days ago)
This video is so shite
Trzcinska Jolanta (22 days ago)
2:50 thats a water proof phone lol
Tauriel T (22 days ago)
I Don’t like this hacks
chloe flowers (22 days ago)
too many ads
Anne Nzouankeu (22 days ago)
You fucking genius
jay-ar sagun (22 days ago)
Fernando Cruz (23 days ago)
Basura :"u
Elcan Aliyev (23 days ago)
Thanks you☺😊
iamaKingTANfan (23 days ago)
You coild have fast forwarded while making and uploading this video
Alexandr Prov. (23 days ago)
Absolute shit....
siddharth bhatt (23 days ago)
2:23 did anyone notice the is waterproof
Leon Robinson (23 days ago)
On the cup stand one he's waching one of his videos
Adnan Adhi (23 days ago)
no poor videos
Popular Legos (23 days ago)
mohd solihin (23 days ago)
Indon is the fucking
Abdullah Shaikh (24 days ago)
great and best project evrr hope sooo this is will be top in the market
Muzammil World. (24 days ago)
aur jab battery nikalni ho gi tab
Muzammil World. (24 days ago)
This mobile cover is not good because when we on the camera the photo is not correct hd
Thabbu K. I (24 days ago)
You are using mobile is waterproof Samsung S9
Music Fan (25 days ago)
Nice #Technicaljatin

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