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Map Hack + Crit Hack for Dota 2 IS REAL!

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Hey Guys! I found this cheats special for you! I want to show all of you the CHEATS FOR DOTA 2 IS FU*ING REAL! Share this video with friends and let all know about cheating in Dota 2! VALVE must to do smth with this! All cheats for Dota 2: -Ability Cooldown ESP -Illusion ESP (makes the real hero glow yellow and float in the air) -Mana Bars / Mana ESP (displays mana bars on enemy heroes) -Last Hit (default key X) -Crit Hack (default key Z) -Shadowraze Aimbot (default key V) -Auto Remote Mines Detonator (uses minimum amount to kill a hero. Uses Force Staff too) -Storm Spirit Helper (tries to keep Overload up efficiently) -Auto Zeus Ultimate (kill stealer) -Auto Reaper's Scythe -Aggro/Deaggro Creeps -Spirits Aimbot for Io/Wisp -Efficient Duel for Legion Commander (casts her W, blinks in, uses items like BKB, Blade Mail, then Duels) -Camera Hack (zoom out beyond the maximum distance) -Auto Culling Blade (kill stealer, blinks in if it can too) -Visible to Enemy ESP (displays an effect on your hero if you can be seen by the enemy, even if you don't have vision of what's seeing you) -Enemy Camera ESP (will show you where the enemy's cameras are, even in the fog. Never get ganked again!) -Auto Rubick Ultimate Spell Steal (steals spell from nearby enemy if their last spell was an ultimate) -Treads Switcher (tries to switch your treads based on the situation, int when casting a spell, agility when using a bottle, etc...) -Orb Walker (will continually cast the orb effect you use (like Frost Arrows) while moving towards the hero during the attack's backswing. Works with heroes that don't have orbs) -Auto Accept Matches (automatically accepts games) -Rune Snatcher (grabs a nearby rune as soon as possible) -Ursa Roshan Bot (attempts to solo Roshan at level 1 with Ursa, experimental) -Custom Range Effect (lets you display a custom range circle of your choosing around your hero) -Automatic configuration saving/loading -Auto Mana Void -Auto Dagon (killstealer, will also combo with Auto Reaper's Scythe) -Auto Queue -MP Recovery Abuse (automatically drops mana items when using Arcane Boots, Magic Stick, etc...) Music: - Krys Talk - Fly Away (JPB Remix) - Cartoon – Why We Lose (ft. Coleman Trapp) - Vanze feat Brenton - Forever (Instrumental) - DEAF KEV - Invincible - Jim Yosef - Lights - Unison - Reality - Itro - Skyward Bound - Umpire - Collins Ave. (Original Mix) - Halvorsen - She Got me Like - Alex Skrindo & Stahl! - Moments (NCS) - Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away - Tobu - Sound of Goodbye - Krys Talk - Fly Away (Mendum Remix) [NCS Release] - Venemy - Rescue Me (Feat Car.)

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Text Comments (477)
Xeno cata (24 days ago)
Sumi Kun (3 months ago)
Heeyy I did not know dota tips was a cheater long time ago 😂😂
darkness darkness (6 months ago)
fucking hack
James Thompson (8 months ago)
Hi Eveeyone if you need a professional hacker contact jammythom3@gmail.com he’s a good hacker he helped me out
Haze Up (10 months ago)
download ?
벼ᅦᄃQupe (1 year ago)
Well i wanted the friendliest hack😂😂auto accept matches😂😂
Daily Vines (11 months ago)
I love you
Toxux (1 year ago)
You can't do anything against DotA Hacks Since they are client based.
Arijit Das (1 year ago)
so volvo still does not any step?!!!!???
Necromancer Gaming (1 year ago)
that click bait tho
UnFleXXmE (1 year ago)
Vincent Isaac (1 year ago)
if no link?? then no hack??
Nick (1 year ago)
желаю приобрести а вот про вак незнаю дадут ли
Jeck (1 year ago)
for a person makes a hack but doesn't give link why though?
L1GHT KUN (1 year ago)
skype : riyan.shakil1 plz man give me this hack link i beg ya ill give u an csgo item
Carlos Clavano (1 year ago)
Delta Juan ? Right ? :)
MercyFul (1 year ago)
Audric Fayon (1 year ago)
U use MH and u'r 4700... what a player
Hyperionsf (1 year ago)
That crit hack is way over used by PA in order to scores crits with dagger on running away players. It's also often used on teleportation hits to make quick kills. I've gotten 2 PA banned in the last week alone for using it.
Greg (2 years ago)
You hide match ID at the end but not the one prior to the match 1890155997
codename7000 (2 years ago)
This is why I hate pc gaming so much easier to hack In games then on consoles
Sheriff (1 year ago)
Toxux (2 years ago)
Where does one get cheats like this to smurf with?
suhayb suhayb (2 years ago)
where is the link
Wilmier Matos (2 years ago)
this prove one more time that people like this aint shit lol kys
Malik Wolf (2 years ago)
luchshe obyasnil bi na video kak sdelal
Tatar Raul (2 years ago)
You can't really stop people from using these cheats, Dota2 is a Free to Play game that only requires a Steam Account. What stops cheating noobs from making a new account and keep on playing? If you had to pay for the game, a simple BAN had way more value.
John Paul Zafra (2 years ago)
watch my match ID#: 2499582501 you see how QP control my hero. im disapointed with you STEAM
Mice (2 years ago)
again little russian fggt is hacking why u doing this beacuse u noob russian fggt rly only noobs will use hacks
Damir Okeric (2 years ago)
why don't you just play the game as its intended no you have to hack and ruin peoples. days
Wachi2000 (2 years ago)
russians .... lowest lifeforms on this planet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ogona Bob (2 years ago)
how to download?
Misael Indra Wijaya (2 years ago)
u know whats real the clickbait
Lumi Axhemi (2 years ago)
now we know how russians are that good xD
Leiver (2 years ago)
you skill is below average it means 3,3k mmr ... Cheats for Dota holy fuck ... i dont want to live on this planet anymore... it was one clean game.. go play fucking cs dumbass
Miki Pain (2 years ago)
All cheaters who are using hacks in Dota2 should be killed or at least burned alive. F*ck you all cheaters, the universe will pay you for your sins.
Georgian (2 years ago)
4.7 k scrub pops bkb for omni , fuck me.
LeafItToMe AUS (2 years ago)
Links so I can...... Investigate this, yeah investigate this.
Robert Smith (2 years ago)
ur bad
your last hit is suck, noob skills.recommended play barbie please... :)
Francis Suelto (2 years ago)
eng pls
XxDarkMeowxx (2 years ago)
could u download it?
Mr.skittles (2 years ago)
use ensage if you want to add scirpt!!!
IamStaked GetStaked (2 years ago)
Atleast only noobs seems to be using these cheats
felipe zillo (2 years ago)
How can I download it?
Niel Sunshine (2 years ago)
ill trying to subscribe my 5 account but wheres the link??
김준영 (2 years ago)
김준영 (2 years ago)
Iqbal Hadi (2 years ago)
+【iReaxpy】 데카스유튜브 but i thought korean not using hack
صادق اقایی (2 years ago)
hi plz upload and give me a link
Jesus Carl Sancheja (2 years ago)
give me the links of hack in dota 2 :D i wanna try it for fun lol
Francis Suelto (2 years ago)
Robert Smith (2 years ago)
ur bad
ForsakenAbyss (2 years ago)
liked for the thumbnail
Emmil Ardales (2 years ago)
Link pls .
Emmil Ardales (2 years ago)
Nahuel Caponi (2 years ago)
A little tip to improve viewers quality of life. Include a small annotation, when you die, that jumps the video to the moment you revive.
JohnRich1372 (2 years ago)
wheres the link? 0.0
Wex Game Play's (2 years ago)
Como consigo el hack
Zain Afzal (2 years ago)
whats the linck
nikdo někdo (2 years ago)
All from russia are is only sons of a bitchess
Mr Welsh Gaming (2 years ago)
I was bot lane yday against 2 others, and by 25mins they were level 23 i was 14 and i had 3 kills on their tower diving me at the start, Im new so im not aware of this being a cheat or pro player!
michel assi (2 years ago)
will you share how to do this ?
любой один видя врку на заставке со значками этак и охото фапнуть
Рублик Gamer (2 years ago)
epic song Cartoon :)
Haze (2 years ago)
fucking cheaters
Monster Face/mustache (2 years ago)
Ummh somepeople might need things like this. but dota 2 isnt for hackers its a strategy game for PROS only
Desonrado Biel. (2 years ago)
Download? *-*
Dotagamer (2 years ago)
fuck no noob.
Little Asian (2 years ago)
just put the link u dumbass dont just fucking showoff the hack u idiot we came here for the hack link not watching u playing ranked with hack
bok yox (2 years ago)
in the hake me
bok yox (2 years ago)
what did u just press when the 1st thing?
Chuck Norris (2 years ago)
I just find this video as a reference for a "Valve please ban maphackers" forum topic and i need to say: *Who's the tard or tards that are trying to use this shit to play? What's the fun in this?*
Chuck Norris (2 years ago)
I hope that, and i hope Valve (that is adding patches every week) don't let this hacks working much time.
todd benson (2 years ago)
+Chuck Norris I could only guess valve would ban the uploader, because hes using hacks right now, even if just showing them off.
MaryQueen Villafañe (2 years ago)
Fajar Dwi Yulianto (2 years ago)
can u give me the script cheat please ?
Smooty (2 years ago)
tell me why you have shadow blade desolator and vlads? nice 0,1 mmr gameplay
this video is a mistake can i know on which minute hacks or crits goes frequently ? because the only hacks i noticed is that the enemy camera position on the ground like circle.
Pekka Paco (2 years ago)
Carl Montesclaros (2 years ago)
+Marius Huber You don't even need hacks dude I practiced this a lot and I could predict when to hit to crit I have really fast reactions because of practicing this hero so much 😂
+Marius Huber i would be happy if you knowe how is that works xD just kidding we want dota clean from cheaters unlike LoL or Hots
Marius H (2 years ago)
+ҚĩЙģǾƒ₩λŘ-وآر‎ when he has got shadowblade activated his 'hack' waits until the first attack is a crit. I actually woudn't call this a hack it's more like a mod.
Kizoky (2 years ago)
Without maphack this is useless Mana bars and HP bars? Really?
vincent schuurman (2 years ago)
Armn Ads (2 years ago)
SagittariusS (2 years ago)
F**king noob haha :D just a friendly advice: go play LoL, kid... hackers and 12 year olds belong to that community, not to Dota's :)
Dylan (2 years ago)
+Big Mayne no because it takes skill to properly and effectively play Dota... any dota player with a brain knows this!
Big Mayne (2 years ago)
+Azure_gaming Because dota players are so mature.
James Richard Susilo (2 years ago)
what's the link bro?
Smooty (2 years ago)
+DotaArmy i agree
DotaArmy (2 years ago)
u are noob if you need link for retarded people
Smooty (2 years ago)
+James Richard Susilo cheating is wrong no one should download this thats why there isnt a link
Chiri Rin (2 years ago)
23:55 PA trembles and give crit
cr00sy (2 years ago)
You have hack and you have say ez game. All of the hackers i know are noobs.
Blazing (2 years ago)
that moment when one of your friends is in a video....
A girl gamer (2 years ago)
mas falso que un boliviano en la playa =)
DDgLX Lisss (2 years ago)
learning (2 years ago)
download like
learning (2 years ago)
download ?
FEEL THE MASTER (2 years ago)
where is download link?
Smooty (2 years ago)
+FEEL THE MASTER cheating is wrong no one should download this thats why there isnt a link
retroperspektive (2 years ago)
teh music sux
Yahya Kimochi (2 years ago)
lol.. who will believe this is a cheat ??
Jhon L. (2 years ago)
bueno el dota se volvió mierda D:
Shook Shark (2 years ago)
so this is how we true gamers were losing mmrs and games..........damn Hax ;_;
Bingo Channel (2 years ago)
NeBo Pro (2 years ago)
This cheat private and it costs $ 10 a month
rin okumura (2 years ago)
can give me a link to download bro i try test too
Daniel S (2 years ago)
thanks this hack is work))))))))))))))
Champ Músico (2 years ago)
only noob need it
DotaArmy (2 years ago)
fuck you all this is new cs 1.6
Dylan (2 years ago)
+Spheal Tamazarashi hahaah 1k mmr player ^ despereately need this
YASSER ALASMRI (2 years ago)
+Daniel Bambino yes you very need it noob
Spheal Tamazarashi (2 years ago)
+Daniel Bambino Whats the download link?
Frozen (2 years ago)
В эту парашу лишь с читами нужно резаться.
Gelfling66 (2 years ago)
this stuff is retarded, but the more popular it gets, the faster itll get fixed. thanks for the upload
Tratata Tata (2 years ago)
Ёбаные читаки
whats name of this hack?
h frank (2 years ago)
dude..this is fkin awesome!
tony perez (2 years ago)
send me the imagen without censure please :)
How do we get them? Just for experimenting
Chuck Norris (2 years ago)
+Muhammed haitham Ayyoob Sure, sure.
Julinho Da Van (2 years ago)
ta explicado pq ese cara usa hack... Moleque Lixo do caralho...kkkkkkkkkk Olha que cotoco. Meodeos!
Julinho Da Van (2 years ago)
Nice.. now everybody could use this.´. and this dota becomes like dota 1 MH. Sweet..... End fof the game! keep doing donkeies buddy!
Reyhan Takarina (2 years ago)
Shoumik Hasan (2 years ago)
looks like 2k tier game lol why dfq u need cheat to rise in 2k tier

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